Borscht: A hot pink bowl of comfort

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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with soup.  First, I was sick, then the weather got cold, and a comforting, piping hot bowl of soup sounded like the cure to my woes.  But, I didn’t want just any old soup – I wanted borscht.

Hot Bison Borscht
Hot Bison Borscht

I cannot tell you why I wanted borscht.  To my knowledge, I’d never had borscht. But I got these big, beautiful beets from Farmhouse Delivery and, suddenly, all I could think of was borscht.  I’ve learned to just give in to these unexplained fixations; it really is the only way to make them go away.

After studying up, I discovered borscht can be served hot or cold, depending on the region of origin, and can have meat or be vegetarian.  I picked a hot beef borscht recipe from Bon Appetit, but substituted a few ingredients for what I had on hand – turnips for the potatoes and bison short ribs instead of the beef.  Don’t be scared off by making the stock – you can substitute store bought beef broth and add some browned stew meat to the soup.

Brown the bison for stock
Bison Short Ribs for the stock

The end result is worth the effort a hearty, rich, slightly sweet soup that is deeply satisfying. I’m so glad I made enough for 10 people so I have plenty in the freezer.

It’s chilly outside – what soup are you cuddling up with?

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