Dining Out Sustainably: Snack Bar

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I love brunch – sitting with friends, leisurely catching up and enjoying the best of breakfast and lunch.  Thanks to Snack Bar you can have brunch every day from 9 am to 4 pm with lovely omelets, french toast and sandwiches while you relax on the patio watching the human parade on South Congress.

Egg Salad sandwich
Egg salad sandwich

On a recent weekday brunch, a friend of mine enjoyed an egg salad sandwich, wedge salad and Tamago Yoko, eggs served over a hash cake with sriracha, wasabi and bonito flakes.  Yum!  In the evening, Snack Bar serves tapas, again encouraging patrons to share with friends.

Wedge salad
Wedge salad

Tamago Yoko
Tamago Yoko

Most importantly, Snack Bar supports organic and local producers and serves humanely raised meats.  I was particularly excited when they recently hired Chef Thomas Reeh, formerly of Mars, to run the kitchen.  I have no doubt that he will add some special panache to a restaurant that is already serving up some pretty fun dishes.

See you at Snack Bar!

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