Finding Happiness in the Kitchen with Sorrel Pesto

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Remember when I cooked? Me too. To be fair, I’ve been cooking, but it’s been simple, unmemorable meals made quickly in between work. One of my goals for the year was to spend more time cooking, and I have been enjoying myself so much. I had forgotten how relaxing it is to putter away in the kitchen making a new dish.

I’ve also been exploring new ways to cook things that hadn’t really inspired me before, like sorrel, which I had never eaten before a few years ago. David Ansel of The Soup Peddler recommended using it in soup – no surprise there. I also tried it sauteed with chard and tried it in omelets, but I still hadn’t found my “go to”  recipe for this often sour, tangy green until I saw a recipe for sorrel pesto from

The picture of the recipe was a pretty, bright green and I was intrigued by the use of pepitas, or pumpkin seed kernels, which I already had in the pantry. I loved it!


The pumpkin seeds and parmesan cut the sour flavor of the green. The pesto was fantastic on pasta and as a dip. Isn’t it lovely with the watermelon radishes?

It just goes to show you – never give up on a vegetable! There’s a perfect dish out there for you if you look for it hard enough.

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