Hatch Chile Season Madness

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When I smell the aroma of roasting chiles in the grocery store parking lot, I know it’s Hatch chile season.  For a brief period from August to early September these New Mexican chiles make their annual appearance at Texas markets, tempting us with their heat.

Chile roaster in New Mexico

The chiles are typically the size of a poblano (think Hatch chile rellenos) and vary in spiciness from the mild that can be as gentle as a bell pepper or the hot with more punch than a jalapeno.

I usually buy a case to roast and freeze so that I have them through the winter for stews, casseroles and any other dish where I can substitute for another pepper. Two of my favorite recipes were a Hatch chile arancini (risotto balls) that I made for a party and a Hatch chile and onion soup that had a nice kick.

My friend Natanya Anderson at Fete & Feast is a fellow Hatch chile fiend and has a number of great recipes on her blog.  I’m particularly fond of her Green Chile Pork Stew and I really want to try her stuffed squash calabacitas and Hatch green chile cornbread madeleines.

Hatch Green Chile Cornbread Madeleines
photo by Natanya Anderson of Fete & Feast

If you don’t feel up to cooking Central Market and Whole Foods grocery stores both offer Hatch chile specials during the season so don’t be afraid to try something spicy.  I can’t wait to stock up on Central Market’s Hatch chile scones.  Yum!

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