The Humble Turnip: Recipe Round-up

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Turnips tend to be looked at as the stepchild of winter vegetables, heckled for being bland and boring, but we disagree.  The next time you are at the Farmer’s Market take a second look at this duel purpose vegetable: both the root and greens are edible. Turnips can replace potatoes in a recipe, can be pureed for a soup or enjoyed raw in a salad.


Chorizo and Turnip Tacos– If you try only one recipe, I suggest this one. Tacos with a picadillo like filling of chorizo, diced turnips and sliced onions.  The chorizo and turnip filling is spicy and rich, and the sliced radish garnish give these tacos a great crunch.

Turnips Anna, Kristi’s Farm to Table

Scarlett Runner Bean and Turnip Soup, Kristi’s Farm to Table

Beef Vegetable Soup, Kristi’s Farm to Table

Turnip Cauliflower Mash, Holistically Engineered

Spicy Skillet Turnip Greens, Add A Pinch

Turnip Green Pesto, Whitney Miller

Turnips with Yogurt and Tomatoes, Saveur

Grated Carrot, Apple and Turnip Salad, Fruit Guys


Do you have a favorite turnip recipe? More turnip inspiration here!

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