Austin City Guide: Noble Sandwiches Indeed

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To classify Noble Sandwich Co. as a sandwich shop doesn’t do it justice. Yes, they serve sandwiches, but the dishes are so lovingly made that they are, well, more noble than a mere sandwich.

Chefs John Bates and Brandon Martinez opened their shop in 2010 and have had a packed house ever since. They recently moved to a new location off of 620 and Lake Creek Parkway and are hard at work on a second spot on Burnet.  Noble serves breakfast and lunch daily, and the occasional dinner.  

noble sandwiches_pastrami

Smoked duck pastrami sandwich

The chorizo and egg breakfast sandwich is by far one of my favorite breakfast bites in Austin and the biscuits with country sausage gravy are worth every sinful calorie. For lunch, the smoked duck pastrami sandwich  has a delicious crunchy slaw piled on top of the smoky pastrami, all wedged between two thick slices of bread. Roll up your sleeves, dig in and don’t give a second thought to  the Russian dressing dripping down your chin.

If you are craving something meat-laden, try The Noble Pig, stacked high with spicy ham, pulled pork, provolone and bacon.  And, if you prefer meatless, the pimento cheese sandwich is an excellent choice.

noble sandwiches_charcuterie

Pates, rillettes and other to-go goodies

You can’t make a bad pick at Noble Sandwiches and, if all else fails, take friends and share. Don’t forget to pick up some goodies to take home with you. After all, you’ll need something noble for dinner.

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