Shuck ’em: Oyster Recipe Roundup

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Living on the Gulf Coast has its perks including access to some of the freshest seafood. It’s easy to forget about the humidity and elephant sized mosquitos when you are eating oysters. Bug spray and margaritas don’t hurt either.

I can eat a million oysters on the half shell with just a squeeze of lemon, but getting a little fancy every now and then is fun too. Even oysters like to play dress-up in the kitchen.


1.Fried Oyster with a Chipotle Lime Dipping Sauce – Although I will never be able to comprehend how some people don’t like raw oysters, fried isn’t a bad call either. This Homesick Texan fried oyster recipe includes a killer creamy and flavorful sauce.

2,Oyster-Swiss Chard Gratin with Country Bacon– The perfect side dish for any occasion. The Rushings are the chefs behind MiLA in New Orleans and trust me, they know their stuff.

3,Barbecued Oysters  – This recipe encompasses the spirit of Texas to me. You can’t go wrong with these suckers served up at a backyard gathering.

4. Oyster Po’ Boy– Enough said. When you bring the oyster and the po’ boy together they can speaks for themselves. Spoon Fork Bacon includes a tangy coleslaw and spicy aioli to pull it all together.

5. Chili, Lime and Gin Marinated Oysters – For the tipsy oyster lovers, try the Chef’s Pencil recipe. This one is for the rambunctious crowd who is up for a fair bit of kick.

6. Oyster Nachos – A tip of the hat to Tex-Mex. Hilah Cooking has got you covered and even has a video to boot. While we are in the Tex-Mex spirit try oysters on the half shell with a little pico de gallo spooned on top.

7.Oysters with Japanese pickled vegetables – If you are looking for beautiful presentation on the half shell, look no further. The delicate pickled vegetables add an elegant pop of color.

8.Oyster and Artichoke Soup – Decadent, creamy, and something you don’t see everyday. Yum.

9.Acme Chargrilled Oysters – It feels wrong not to include this classic. You can never go wrong with Acme Oyster House chargrilled oysters.


For great local oyster try Whole Foods Market at the Domain, Quality Seafood and Central Market. Get Shucking!




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