Stocking Up on Local Goodies at the San Marcos Farmers Market

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21610_1Recently I kept my niece and nephew for several days at their home in Buda so that my sister and her husband could have a little skiing time with their friends.  I always relish getting to step in as Aunt Kiki (what my niece and nephew call me, so unless you are 8 and precious don’t bother trying), but living in Buda for a week presents some definite challenges for me.

21610_2The kids and I shopped at the Downtown Austin Farmers Market on Saturday, but by Monday we were running out of some things and I needed a market – STAT!  Luckily, San Marcos has a market every Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 to 6:00 and it was just 15 minutes from their house.  We bundled up and headed south on I-35 to check it out.

The San Marcos Farmers Market, located at 204 S. Edward Gary under a covered shelter, is operated by the same group who runs the New Braunfels Farmers Market I visited last summer.  Many of the vendors were the same. and I even recognized Omas & Opas farm from our own downtown farmers market.
It was pretty chilly on the winter afternoon we visited, but there were still several produce and bread vendors as well as a vendor with locally raised meat and poultry. I needed bread for a BLT I’d been craving, so we stopped by the Phoenix Rising booth and bought a loaf of whole wheat with 9 grain bread.  From the produce booths we stocked up on carrots, Brussels sprouts, radishes and broccoli.

The kids bought their Mom a lovely bar of peppermint soap. Watching my nephew sniff a dozen different bars to the find the perfect one was
priceless – he apparently has quite the nose and guessed every scent without being told.

We piled back in the car very satisfied with our adventure to San Marcos.  Even at this smaller market, we managed to fill our shopping bag and have a great time.  If you are in San Marcos between 3 and 6 on a Tuesday, take a few minutes to go explore the market.  It’s worth the stop.

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